1. What is the company’s website URL ?

    The URL is www.ourppc.com

  2. Where is the location of the company ?

    Our company is located at these addresses :

    Corporate HQ : 723 South State Street, Suite 150, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 48104

    Seychelles Office: Suite 9, Ansuya Estate Revolution Avenue, Victoria, Mahe Seychelles.

  3. Who is the person in charge of OurPPC ?

    Peter Anderson is the current CEO of OurPPC.

  4. What business is OurPPC doing ?

    OurPPC is a Pay-Per-Click management company that was formed in 2008. OurPPC has more than 6 years of online advertising experience and with 10,000 advertisers and counting. To push our clients’ business to the next level, OurPPC works with Google, Yahoo! Bing, Amazon and other advertising networks.

  5. What are keywords ? And what are the advantages of using them ?

    Most advertisements target a wide audience but keyword advertising can target potential customers more effectively.

    Advantage 1: Advertisers will get highly relevant traffic to their website as they are able to advertise using their selected keywords. Therefore, only potential customers who are interested in these keywords will click on the advertisements. This will make it easier for the advertisers to meet their marketing objectives.

    Advantage 2: It is easier to control the budget of PPC advertising. Advertisers need to pay in advance to get their advertisement published. For example, Advertiser A paid $20,000 for pay-per-click ads. If the cost per click is $0.20, then he can estimate that he will get 100 thousand clicks. Advertisers can also set a daily limit to the clicks. For example, if the advertiser configures the limit of his daily cost to 10% of his budget, then his campaign will last for about 10 days.

  6. What is the role of OurPPC ?

    OurPPC combines the latest in technology with our expertise in online advertising to create the perfect wealth creation platform, where it benefits the Advertisers, Advertising Network, Publishers and Investors.

  7. How does OurPPC works ?

    OurPPC specialises in online advertising, which is the most lucrative business in the Internet world today. In 2013, money spent on online advertising exceeded $300 billion, and is still growing rapidly.

    1. OurPPC is currently working with more than 10,000 publishers. Using a crowd function business model, OurPPC is able to commit to huge Advertising Networks, such as Google and Amazon, and to secure keywords advertisements.
    2. The bidding price of these keywords can make a profit of around 3% to 200%.
    3. In 2015, SPIX holographic display will be launching in China. Due to the stunning nature of holographic technology and visual effects, SPIX is able to instantly capture the attention of the crowd. We are estimating huge profits from this product alone.
  8. What is the estimate Return of Investment ?

    The monthly returns of investment (ROI) generally range from 3% to 6%. It also depends on your membership type. If you are a Standard Account holder, you will get a daily ROI of 0.1%. If you are an Exclusive Account holder, you will get a daily ROI of 0.2%. Of course, should you wish to earn a higher return, you can invest in available keywords to get a higher ROI of 10% to 38%.

  9. Why invest in OurPPC ?

    1. OurPPC is the first of its kind in the Pay-Per-Click advertising field.
    2. Other companies give their members fixed ROI while OurPPC determines the ROI according to the market. Our members have the choice to invest in our business to earn a higher return. OurPPC shares the profit from advertising with our members. Depending on the type of member account and the returns from different keywords, the ROI will be around 10% to 38%.
    3. This business model will not add pressure to OurPPC’s cash flow as we do not promise a fixed ROI as the market is volatile. Thus, OurPPC allows the members to invest in their preferred advertisement.
  10. What are the risks of OurPPC ?

    Basically, the risks are close to zero! All the investments for our members are deals that are already secured. Unlike other companies in the market, OurPPC secures deals for our investors, ensuring that our investors get the best possible opportunities in the online advertising market with almost zero risks.

Contact Info
Corporate Headquarters of America
OurPPC Inc.
2723 South State Street
Suite 150 Ann Arbor MICHIGAN,
48104 United States of America

  [email protected]
Seychelles Office
OurPPC Incorporated
Suite 9, Ansuya Estate
Revolutions Avenue,
Victoria, Mahe Seychelles

  [email protected]