Since 2008, OurPPC has been creating and managing highly successful pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns.

Google AdWords, Yahoo! Bing Network and Facebook Advertising have revolutionized Lead Generation, Online Sales and Corporate Branding. It no longer matters if you’re a Fortune 500 company or a small start-up; the playing field is completely level thanks to PPC.

All Paid Search accounts are opened in the name of the client and remain in the client’s control at all times. All work that is completed by OurPPC belongs to the client.

In 2011, we added a new service – Social Media Management – where we create and maintain our client’s corporate Facebook and Twitter accounts. It is our job to increase their online following by making several daily posts, and by engaging their customers in a positive dialog, thus enhancing the client’s brand.

Paid Search Management – Leveling the Playing Field
Anyone can create basic Google AdWords & Microsoft Advertising campaigns, but it takes a great deal of time and skill to develop and maintain campaigns that are both SMART and COST-EFFECTIVE.

KEYWORD ANALYSIS: Every business / keyword space is unique and requires an individualized approach. Thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of keywords, grouped by theme are possible. Focusing on just 10 to 15 expensive keywords is a mistake. Our Account Managers take the time to expertly research and develop likely multi-word phrases for use as “keywords”. This enables us to PRECISELY target the customer you want AND to catch all possible $.05 and $.10 clicks before beginning to compete on the expensive and obvious keywords.

PROFESSIONALLY WRITTEN AD COPY: The Ad is the first thing a potential customer sees about your company. If poorly written, it can have a detrimental effect on the campaign performance and your company’s reputation. Our Account Managers are highly trained to write targeted ad copy that is not only effective, but also catchy and stylish to capture the interest of the prospective buyers before the click. We will always be split-testing and refining ad copy, by theme / product, over time.

TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE: Our ever-increasing technical knowledge on the systems of Google AdWords and Microsoft Advertising is becoming the most important reason to hire OurPPC. The tools are very powerful but also very complex. New features and advertising policies are added or changed almost every week. It is a full-time job just to remain updated and to apply this knowledge to the campaigns. The introduction of Google Call Tracking and Google Remarketing, and major enhancements to the Google Display Network have completely changed how we design and manage our campaigns. Meanwhile, Microsoft Advertising, which is comprised of both Bing and the old Yahoo network, is feverishly improving their offerings to keep up with Google. And now Facebook Advertising is joining the party. Staying current is a top priority with OurPPC.

DEDICATED GOOGLE & MICROSOFT SUPPORT STAFF: OurPPC has been managing accounts with Google and Microsoft since 2005. Due to the amount of spending in our care, both Google and Microsoft have assigned dedicated support staff to our company. This enables us to tackle difficult situations and rectify outages faster and more reliably than an independent advertiser could achieve.

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