What is SPIX?
SPIX is a unique 3D holographic display unit that conveys compelling images and messages of products and services using projectors and mirrors in a pyramidal configuration. SPIX allows you to combine a physical product with animated 3D holographic content, allowing the product to come alive with moving imagery and information for a more enhanced communication towards the audience.
Due to the stunning nature of holographic technology combined with visual effects, SPIX captures the attention of the crowd, creating a huge curious audience and delivers effective product or service messages.
Retailers and event exhibitionists are always looking for a newer and more compelling method to attract customers in order to set them aside from their competitors. SPIX is here to do that and more.

SPIX’s goal is simple: To create the best digital visual content that speaks effectively to the audience. The combination of the physical product fused with digital holographic images and messages captures immediate attention, as it is visually stimulating.
SPIX Showcase