Why Choose Us?
Dedicated Account Manager
Your dedicated Account Manager will monitor and manage all of your Pay-Per-Click Campaigns. Primary services include:
  1. Data Collection and Analysis
  2. Campaign Optimization
    1. a.Keyword optimization, additions and deletions
    2. b.Adjustments to keyword bids
    3. c.Continuous split-testing of ad copy
    4. d.Continuous split-testing of landing pages
    5. e. "Quality Score" optimization
    6. Expansion of your campaigns to additional search engines and traffic sources beyond the "Big 3"
    7. Market Surveillance (keeping an eye on the competition)
  3. Monthly Reports & Analyses
We Will Always be Asking
  1. What keywords are the most profitable?
  2. Are there new keywords that we should add or delete?
  3. How much should we pay for a given keyword?
  4. What Ad Copy converts the best?
  5. What Landing Pages convert the best?
  6. Should we recommend adjustments to your offerings or a new website content?
  7. What can we do to help grow your business?
The Tools and Technology Needed
Google AdWords, Microsoft Advertising and Facebook Advertising are all very different in terms of technology, client interface and their approach to Search and Display Advertising. The technology that each brand has developed to create and manage campaigns is not even remotely similar. To create and track thousands of keyword campaigns, OurPPC has developed proprietary tools and expertise for each company. We can have smart and cost-effective campaigns up and running with all three services in just a matter of days.
Contact Info
Corporate Headquarters of America
OurPPC Inc.
2723 South State Street
Suite 150 Ann Arbor MICHIGAN,
48104 United States of America

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Seychelles Office
OurPPC Incorporated
Suite 9, Ansuya Estate
Revolutions Avenue,
Victoria, Mahe Seychelles

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